Offer Kaiser Rolls During A Fundraiser Dinner

A kaiser roll makes the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of hot soup or a meat dish that contains a lot of gravy. Besides being able to use a kaiser roll to sop up liquid that is in a bowl or on a plate, this type of baked good can be used as the base of a hearty sandwich. For the next fundraiser dinner that you will be hosting, purchase some kaiser rolls and use various ways to offer them to your customers.

Saving Time As You Prepare Meals In Your Restaurant

If you have just opened a small restaurant, and you are finding it is taking a while to get your dishes from the kitchen to your customers' plates, you may want to take an in-depth look at some of the procedures you have in place when preparing food. In a restaurant, especially when you are first starting out and have not made an impression on many people yet, you need to get your customers' orders out quickly so they give you repeat business.