Offer Kaiser Rolls During A Fundraiser Dinner

A kaiser roll makes the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of hot soup or a meat dish that contains a lot of gravy. Besides being able to use a kaiser roll to sop up liquid that is in a bowl or on a plate, this type of baked good can be used as the base of a hearty sandwich. For the next fundraiser dinner that you will be hosting, purchase some kaiser rolls and use various ways to offer them to your customers.

Order The Rolls And Plan The Setup

Fundraiser meals that are being sold separately may be placed inside of styrofoam trays, prior to handing them to your customers, but if your benefit is going to include serving people in a makeshift dining area, you will need to decide how you would like to offer the baked goods to your patrons. Choose several kaiser varieties that are sold at a local bakery, including the classic kaiser that doesn't contain any seeds or seasonings, an onion or garlic variety, and one that contains small sesame or rye seeds.

If you are going to prepackage meals, leave one of each roll variety out so that fundraiser supporters can see what type of rolls are being offered. Place the remaining rolls inside of a tupperware container and set a pair of tongs on top of the container so that you can retrieve the baked goods that people choose.

Fill all of the styrofoam trays with the other dinner components. As your supporters walk into the room, let them look over the roll varieties and place their orders. Use a piece of parchment paper and a clear or paper bag to store each roll that is being served with a takeout meal.

Take Orders In Advance Or Set The Tables

If you will be offering full dinners and sandwiches and would like to take orders ahead of time, use the orders to aid in placing an order through a bakery. Purchase the rolls immediately before the fundraiser is about to begin. Assemble meal trays and sandwiches and mark the packages with the kaiser roll type and other ingredients that are wrapped inside.

If people will be dining on the premises, use some large bowls to serve the kaiser rolls in. Divide the rolls so that some of each variety are in each bowl. Place one bowl in the center of each dining table. Set some butter packets and plastic knives on the tables so that your supporters can add a layer of butter to their rolls.